A couple sitting down talking about money together

Managing my finances

How to talk about money with your partner

Learn how to talk about money in a relationship. Navigate financial discussions with tips for open communication and building a strong partnership.

5 minute read
A man helping a woman with her computer skill training

Managing my finances

How to increase your salary with career development and skill training

Boost income with career development and skill training! Get tips on setting goals, finding mentors, overcoming challenges, and enhancing job skills.

8 minute read
Two people looking at a tablet organising their joint bank account together

Managing my finances


Should I open a joint bank account? Explore the pros and cons

Discover the pros and cons of joint bank accounts vs. separate finances. Find balance in managing money as a couple with our helpful insights.

4 minute read
Person saving money using a piggy bank

Managing my finances

Budgeting and saving

How to save money on a low income

Discover budgeting tips for saving on a low income in Australia. Learn to manage spending, access government assistance, and build financial resilience.

6 minute read
Cheap beach holiday destinations in Australia

Managing my finances

Budgeting and saving

Cheap holidays in Australia

Discover wallet-friendly Australian getaways! Our list offers budget-friendly holiday options for your next memorable escape.

17 minute read
A woman baking as a side hustle

Managing my finances

Side hustle jobs in Australia

Explore profitable side gigs in Australia! Find freelance jobs, part-time opportunities, and flexible work for extra income. Start your side hustle today.

11 minute read
two women sitting down next to each other smiling

Managing my finances

Understanding different types of insurance

Explore situations where insurance is useful, the range of claims you can make, and the potential savings it can bring to your financial security.

10 minute read
drawings of car, house and family

Managing my finances

6 steps to help you choose the right insurance

Choosing the right insurance can feel overwhelming. Here are 6 steps to help you understand what insurance is, types of coverages and key terms.

13 minute read
Using finger print on phone

Managing my finances

Keeping your information safe online: A Q&A with Beforepay CTO Rajini Carpenter

We sat down with Beforepay’s Chief Technology Officer, Rajini Carpenter, to break down what cybersecurity is and tips for keeping your information safe!

11 minute read
A girl smiling holding her phone, a laptop and boxes on her desk.

Managing my finances

Ways to earn extra money that work with your schedule

Explore simple and creative ways you could make extra money, from growing your savings to starting a side hustle.

14 minute read
A man holding a box with his things

Managing my finances

4 Tips to help you navigate job loss

Explore strategies, resources and support to overcome the challenges of job loss and navigate career transitions effectively.

11 minute read
Putting coin in a jar beside a miniature house

Managing my finances

Budgeting and saving

Why you should think about saving money for an emergency fund

Learn why having an emergency fund is crucial and how it can benefit you. Find out tips and strategies to start saving for unexpected events.

6 minute read
Couple looking at phone.

Managing my finances

How do I choose an international money transfer service?

How to send money overseas and find the best international money transfer service, with tips from Western Union.

7 minute read
Small model of a house with 6 stacks of gold coins in a row to the left.

Managing my finances

8 ways to ease the stress of rising rent prices

Are you feeling the pressure of the rental crisis and rising rent in Australia? Learn 8 practical ways to save money and ease the cost of living stress.

11 minute read
Man and woman sitting in front of a laptop.

Managing my finances

6 ways you can manage your debt

These 6 simple practices could help you make informed decisions about your financial future and provide ways to get better at managing your debt.

6 minute read
Young man wearing glasses sitting in front of a computer while studying.

Managing my finances

8 questions to ask yourself about HELP loans

Learn how you can access financial support for education, including what you need to know about HELP loans, as well as alternative study loan options.

13 minute read
Young female professional in front of glass meeting room doors in the office.

Managing my finances

4 steps that could help increase your salary

Find out how you might be able to increase your salary, from asking for a pay rise and navigating salary negotiations to upskilling to boost your earning potential.

11 minute read
Get financially fit with a 7 Day Savings Challenge

Managing my finances

Get financially fit with our 7 day savings challenge

Take on our 7 Day Savings Challenge to boost your savings and start positive money management habits that you can take into the year ahead!

8 minute read
Save money and free up your budget by reviewing your subscriptions.

Managing my finances

Budgeting and saving

4 Reasons to spring clean your subscriptions and how to do it

If you’re looking for ways to save money amid inflation and rising costs, reviewing your subscriptions might be a good place to start.

9 minute read

Managing my finances

How to navigate financial stress

Financial decisions can feel big and overwhelming. Learn about what is financial stress and how to navigate it to help you take back control of your finances.

3 minute read

Managing my finances

How to handle big money decisions

Financial decisions can feel big and overwhelming. Learn how to handle big money decisions to help you take back control of your finances.

3 minute read

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