We are on a mission

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    Wages without waiting

    Traditional pay cycles make you wait for your pay, we’re here to help you access the money you’ve worked hard for.

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    Budget better

    Budgeting is tough, so we look at your spending and create a tailored budget just for you. Your mum will be thrilled.

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    Flat rate

    Traditional lenders charge 50% - 120% in interest & fees. Um. We don’t even know what to say to that, other than don’t go there.

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    Loving you 24/7

    We know questions don’t pop up on schedule, so we’re here 24/7

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    We play it safe

    We value and respect our customers, that includes their data.

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    Name the place & time

    We know you get around, so with us you can access your pay anywhere. Anytime.


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