7 apps to help you find cheap petrol

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How can I find cheap petrol near me? 

It’s the question on everyone’s minds now that petrol prices are rising. According to the Beforepay Cost of Living, which provides an overview of monthly consumer spending, the average daily spend for petrol and auto rose 1.25% from $7.99 in July 2023 to $8.09 in August 2023. But compared to the month prior, the increase was 8.45% from $7.46 in June.

Whether you drive regularly for work or like to plan driving trips over the weekend, finding cheap petrol prices near you could help you with managing your budget and savings. This could offer you (and your wallet!) some relief amid the pressures of inflation and the increasing cost of living. Cutting down petrol costs can help ease the pressure of repaying bills on time. Cutting down petrol costs can help ease the pressure of repaying bills on time, allowing you to allocate those saved funds to other essential expenses or personal enjoyment. 

To help you find cheap petrol near you, here are 7 fuel check apps we found that might help you save the next time you plan to fill up. 

The information below is current at 27 September 2023. 

1. Petrol Spy

Petrol Spy provides a map with real-time petrol prices for Queensland, SA, NSW and WA, and allows you to report fuel prices to help other drivers.
Website: https://petrolspy.com.au/

2. Fuel Map Australia

Fuel Map Australia is a crowd-based database of petrol stations and fuel prices Australia-wide, with real-time fuel prices for WA, NSW and Queensland.
Website: http://fuelmap.com.au/

3. NSW FuelCheck

The NSW FuelCheck app provides real-time fuel prices for over 2300 petrol stations in NSW and 60 petrol stations in ACT. The app lets you personalise your favourite petrol stations and addresses and set up alerts for petrol price drops. 
Website: https://www.fuelcheck.nsw.gov.au/

4. FuelCheck TAS

FuelCheck TAS provides real-time fuel prices for over 200 petrol stations in Tasmania. The app also lets you view trends for details such as petrol price cycles, cheapest days to fill up and the price range for petrol in your area. 
Website: https://www.fuelcheck.tas.gov.au/

5. Vroom Fuel Price Compare 

Vroom Fuel Price Compare helps you find cheap petrol near you if you live in Queensland, NSW or WA. The app uses government data to provide up-to-date pricing and helps you navigate to your chosen petrol station. 
Website: https://www.vroomvroomvroom.com.au/vroom-fuel-price-compare/

6. RACQ Fair Fuel

The RACQ Fair Fuel app provides prices for petrol across Queensland based on market data and RACQ research. The app also covers prices for unleaded petrol and diesel in regional Queensland. 
Website: https://www.racq.com.au/car/fair-fuel-prices

7. Simples: Compare & Save

The Simples: Compare & Save app lets you compare a range of different products, including fuel prices. Reports real-time petrol prices and savings across major and independent petrol stations. 
Website: https://www.comparethemarket.com.au/fuel/simples-fuel-app/

Other ways to save on petrol

While finding cheap petrol prices could help you fill up for less, it’s also good to know about other tips and tricks that could help you save on petrol. Other than using a fuel check app, here are three additional things to think about when planning your next trip to the petrol station. 

Track the best day to buy petrol 

Knowing the petrol price cycle, such as when petrol prices are typically higher and lower in your area could help you get cheaper petrol. 

You could track this with fuel check apps, monitor the news, or check in on reports from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) which tracks petrol price cycles in Australia’s major cities. Historically, according to the ACCC, buying petrol could be cheaper on Wednesdays, but this is subject to change and varies depending on your location. 

Sign up for loyalty and rewards programs

You could earn a discount on your next petrol purchase when you shop with major grocery chains like Woolworths and Coles by joining their loyalty program. 

These programs will generally have specific terms and conditions that you’ll need to meet in order to be eligible for a fuel discount, such as spending a minimum amount and scanning your loyalty card in your grocery shop. It’s best to visit the Woolworths and Coles websites to check these details and see what you could save. 

The fuel discounts are also typically tied to a specific petrol provider (e.g. Shell), so you may want to check what petrol stations and grocery stores are around you to find the option that will work best for you.

Drive smoothly and steadily 

Did you know your car uses up to 25% more fuel when driving at 110km/h, compared to 90km/h? 

Maintaining a steady speed where possible and appropriate could help you reduce how much petrol you use, and ultimately help you save on how much you’re spending on petrol in the long-run. 

Other ways to ensure you’re using your fuel efficiently are avoiding accelerating rapidly and braking harshly. 

These are just a selection of apps and tips to help you save on petrol. Remember, everyone’s needs and circumstances are different, so make sure you find what works best for you, whether it’s a fuel check app or other petrol saving hack! 

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