Kickstart your 2024 with financial resolutions

Guess what? Parents are set to spend a whopping $12.9 billion on back-to-school gear in 2024! Whether you’re shopping for the kids or getting set up for another work year, now’s a better time than ever to set some resolutions that help you get back on top of your finances!  

In this edition of The Beforepay Beat:

  • Need help sticking to your resolutions? We’ve got some tips for you! 🎯
  • Budgeting hacks for back to school ✏️
  • Cheap holiday hacks to keep your wallet happy  🏝
  • Revamp Alert: Cash Out limits just got way easier to adjust! 💪


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Did you know that 54% of Australians have prioritised saving money this year? 

If you need help sticking to your resolutions, we’ve got your back with easy hacks designed to help you make sure you kick those goals.

Need some inspiration for our resolutions? Check out our list of ideas on our blog!

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Sydney shares their savings tips

We hit the streets of Sydney to find out how much people saved and what tips they had for saving.

Tap on the image below to see what they had to say! 

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Back to school budgeting hacks

Back to school shopping doesn't have to be a financial obstacle course! 

Try these savvy back to school shopping tips to help you score the best deals while sticking to your budget. Maximise your benefits: Consider exploring a list of payments and assistance programs at MyGov.

  1. Bargain hunt: Sales and discounts await! Subscribe to newsletters for early notifications from stores like Officeworks and Big W.
  2. Embrace second-hand treasures: Save big with gently used uniforms and textbooks. Check out Gumtree and local Facebook groups.
  3. Unlock government assistance: Explore assistance programs at Services Australia.
  4. Tech-savvy savings: Consider refurbished devices from Apple's Refurbished Store or JB Hi-Fi’s pre-owned section.

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Adjusting your Cash Out just got smoother

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Don’t want to take out your entire limit but can’t be bothered tapping through? Then you’ll love this app update. 

Now, simply hold down the +/- button and watch as your Cash Out limit adjusts seamlessly – no more tapping for each increment! 

This means you have the freedom to fine-tune the exact amount you need, whenever you need it, with ease. 

Whether you're adjusting for a big expense or just a little extra for the week, your perfect amount is just a hold-and-slide away.

Check out this new feature in the Beforepay app today!

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Smart budgeting tips for family holidays

Planning a family getaway? Consider these hacks for the next time you and your family are on the go! 

  1. Advanced Booking: Secure discounts on accommodations, flights, and activities by planning and booking in advance. Explore websites like and Expedia for deals.
  2. Off-Peak Travel: Choose off-peak times for both savings and a more relaxed vacation experience. Check Skyscanner for flexible date options.
  3. Local Entertainment: Explore free or low-cost local attractions and events for affordable family fun. Use resources like TripAdvisor to discover local gems.
  4. Local Entertainment: Explore free or low-cost local attractions and events for affordable family fun. Use resources like TripAdvisor to discover local gems.
  5. Meal Planning: Save on dining expenses by planning budget-friendly, delicious meals with recipes from sites like Cooking Light and Budget Bytes.

Need extra cash or budgeting tips for your holidays? Budget or Cash Out with Beforepay!

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