Saving for the long weekend

With the Easter long weekend just around the corner, now is a great time to start planning. The good news is - you’ve got time! Getting ahead of your plans now can help put you in a good place later so you can make the most of your time and budget, with as few hiccups as possible. 

Read on for tips on how to start saving now so you can be ready in time for Easter…and beyond! 

1. Consider your expenses 

We might all want to jump on a direct flight to Bora Bora. Unfortunately, for most of us, it’s probably not that realistic right now. Make sure whatever you want to do or wherever you decide to go is achievable. 

Whether your vibe is cooking up a gourmet seafood feast, organising a long weekend getaway with friends, or treating the family to any of the Easter holiday events (Easter Show or choccy egg hunt anyone?), you’ll need to set aside some funds to get you sorted. 

Think about what kind of things you are likely to spend on and how much you might need to set aside for each of these. These might include:

  • Accommodation 
  • Travel expenses (yep, we know how expensive petrol is at the moment!)
  • Food & entertainment 
  • Tickets to events and attractions

2. Be mindful of upcoming bills

Consider any bills and other expenses you will need to account for in the lead-up to your long weekend plans. This is so that:

  1. You can plan your budget accurately based on the money you have going in and out of your bank account, so you don’t end up short. 
  2. You don’t miss any payments and avoid any fees that may arise due to altered processing times over the long weekend bank closures.

There are a few ways you can check and plan for your upcoming bills, such as checking your bank statements or using the bills tracker in the Beforepay app.

3. Prepare an emergency fund 

As much as we prepare, life happens, and sometimes things pop up that we don’t expect or plan for. Think: flat tyre, admission tickets, additional accommodation expenses. 

For moments like this, an emergency fund is a great idea. 

This can be some money you set aside in a separate bank account, or take with you in an envelope. This might also be setting up your Beforepay account so you are ready to Cash Out a portion of your pay when you need it most.

4. See where you can save in your everyday

How much do you have left over after your paycheck? Calculate if in the weeks leading up to Easter you will have enough to cover your holiday expenses. 

If you think you might be tight, try some of these easy ways you can save a little extra  for your long weekend:

  • Consider cancelling your gym membership and going outside for a walk or run instead. There’s also heaps of tutorials on YouTube! 
  • Try to go with just one subscription for a couple of months instead of being on every streaming platform.
  • Choose to eat in and not out and get creative with a home-cooked meal instead of an Uber Eats delivery. 
  • Don’t buy any new clothing for a couple of months.
  • Don’t do your groceries while you’re hungry. You’ll be amazed what extra things you pick up on an empty stomach!
  • Cut back on buying a coffee everyday. Did someone just say instant?! 
  • Bring your lunch in to work instead of spending $10 a day on fast food. 

So…what are you planning to do this Easter break? Start planning with these tips today so you can really sit back and look forward to a stress-free long weekend. 

Remember, if you need a little extra money, you can always Cash Out with Beforepay. We only charge a fixed 5% transaction fee, no interest or other ongoing costs, so you can have peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

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