Beforepay highly commended in Finder Awards 2023

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Taking out a short term loan like a pay advance could mean you don’t have the savings built up to fund what you need before your next pay day. Sometimes, it’s a way for you to take control of your finances with that little bit of extra wiggle room.

For many, needing the extra cash is a worrying time. So, you want to make sure the provider is reliable, easy and safe. 

That’s why it’s such great news that Beforepay has been highly commended in Finder’s Customer Satisfaction Awards for 2023. 

The great thing about these awards is that you know the service has been approved and highly rated by real users. 

So, how do the customer satisfaction awards work? 

Finder asked customers to rate their pay advance providers out of 5 across 5 different criteria. They were then asked whether they would recommend that provider to a friend or family member.

Here’s how Beforepay fared in the categories:

  • Features and benefits – 4.1
  • Customer service – 4.1
  • Ease of application – 4.1
  • Fees and interest rates – 3.9
  • Overall experience – 4.1

On top of these ratings, 8 in 10 Beforepay users said they would recommend the service.

Let’s take a deeper dive into why Beforepay is so highly reviewed by its customers.

What do Beforepay customers love?

Features and benefits

Customers rated Beforepay 4.1 out of 5 in the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards for the benefits and features of using  There are several benefits to using Beforepay if you’re in need of extra funds. 

First, since the funds are transferred directly into your bank account, it’s easy to access and cover any expenses you might have. Whether it’s for paying an unexpected bill, funding home repairs or even just taking advantage of a sale or deal that won’t wait until payday, you can access up to $2,000 of your next pay, subject to eligibility. And you can access that at any time of the month.

With convenience at the forefront, Beforepay is digital-first, available via web or mobile app. This means you can connect your bank account to Beforepay and access extra funds whenever and wherever you need. 

Your account provides flexibility and transparency, with options to spread out your repayments, repay early and view your repayments.

The features don’t stop there. The Beforepay app also allows you to track your spending and learn crucial budgeting skills to help you make informed decisions about your finances.  

The Beforepay app breaks down your spending into categories so you can see what areas you’re spending the most money in and then creates a bespoke budget with helpful suggestions on where to save money.

It also learns when you have recurring payments, sharing upcoming bills to help you stay on top of your money. 

Fees and interest rates

Cost is always top of mind for customers when taking out a loan. No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars in fees, especially when they are accessing extra funds to cover unexpected expenses. 

Beforepay recognises this, and was rated 3.9 out of 5 for its fees by customers in the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards. 

With Beforepay, customers can access extra funds with a simple, fixed fee of 5%. There are no setup fees or even interest rate you know exactly what you’re paying when you access cash with Beforepay. 

If you receive $500, you’ll pay a fixed fee of $25 and that’s it. 

Customer service

Customers rated Beforepay 4.1 out of 5 for its customer service in the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards. 

Beforepay’s reviews on Trustpilot back this up, with a score of 4.8 out of 5 and feedback highlighting fast access to funds at all times, speedy responses when they need help and easy processes.

One of the other ways Beforepay puts its customers first is through its features. For example, borrowers can benefit from the helpful ‘delay payment’ option. Once per wage installment, if you don’t have the funds needed to repay the loan, you can delay your repayment to line up with your next payday instead.

Ease of application

Talking of easy processes, applying to use Beforepay is simple. 

Customers rated Beforepay 4.1 out of 5 for its ease of application in the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards. 

With Beforepay, there are no complicated forms or jargon, it’s all done online via the web or mobile app, and set-up from connecting your bank to verifying your identity is quick and easy. 

This means you don’t need to spend multiple hours or even days worrying about whether you’ve been approved – you can simply jump into the app and, if you’re eligible, receive the funds in minutes.

About Finder’s Customer Satisfaction Awards

The Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards run each year. Finder asks customers across multiple areas to rate products and services. The awards cover multiple finance niches like lending, money transfers and crypto trading. But they also extend to insurance and energy, as well as retail awards. 

For more information on how Finder (and the customers) determined this year’s winners, you can read the full methodology here.

About the author 

Rebecca Pike is Finder's senior writer for money. She joined Finder after almost 4 years writing for business publications in the mortgage and finance industry, including 3 years as editor of Mortgage Professional Australia magazine.

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