How to access your tax refund in advance with Beforepay and H&R Block

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Your bills won’t wait for the ATO to send your refund, so why should you?

With Beforepay and H&R Block Australia you could have access to your tax refund in minutes, instead of weeks, through the Tax Refund Advance! 

Read on to find out more about how you could get an advance on your tax refund the next time you lodge your tax return in Australia.

What is a Tax Refund Advance?

If you have any urgent or unexpected expenses and could do with a cash boost to help you manage your finances, a Tax Refund Advance could be just what you need.

The Tax Refund Advance, offered by Beforepay in partnership with H&R Block Australia, allows eligible customers to advance a portion of their estimated tax refund. So instead of waiting weeks to receive your tax refund after lodging your tax return, you could have access to the funds you need within minutes. 

You’ll need to lodge your tax return through a participating H&R Block Australia office and meet the eligibility requirements of both H&R Block and Beforepay to access the Tax Refund Advance. But once you're set up you could have cash in your account in as little as 5-10 minutes! 

Here are some quick facts to get you up to speed.

How much can I Cash Out with a Tax Refund Advance?

With a Tax Refund Advance, if eligible, you could Cash Out up to 50% of your estimated tax refund, up to a maximum of $1000. So let’s say you scored a $3000 tax refund (nice!) the maximum you’d be able to Cash Out is $1000.

With Beforepay you get to unlock control of your money, and that also applies to your tax refund!

Once enrolled for a Tax Refund Advance, which happens when you file your taxes with H&R Block, you’ll have the flexibility to choose how much you Cash Out – your entire amount or only what you need, subject to eligibility.

How much does it cost to Cash Out a Tax Refund Advance? 

Just like an advance with Beforepay, you only need to pay a 5% fixed fee to Cash Out your Tax Refund Advance.

This is the only cost involved – no interest, no late fees, and no other ongoing costs – which might be a small price to pay for quick access to cash to help you handle any emergency expenses. 

How do I repay my Tax Refund Advance?

Repaying your Tax Refund Advance is easy and hassle-free with automated repayments through H&R Block and Beforepay.

In most cases, your total Tax Refund Advance repayment, including the 5% fixed fee, will be paid from your tax refund once it’s received by H&R Block from the ATO. The funds will be transferred to Beforepay by H&R Block to pay off your Tax Refund Advance, and any remaining balance will be sent to you directly.

Now see how you can actually apply for a Tax Refund Advance!

How can I get a Tax Refund Advance?

Accessing your Tax Refund Advance is simple, but you do need to meet the eligibility requirements of both H&R Block and Beforepay.

To access your Tax Refund Advance:

1. Lodge your tax return with H&R Block

To be eligible to Cash Out your Tax Refund Advance through Beforepay you must have lodged your tax return for the last financial year through a participating H&R Block Australia office and use their Fee From Refund product.


If you're a Beforepay customer, you could get 15%^ off your individual tax return filing fee when you lodge your individual tax return with H&R Block. What better way to get the most out of tax time! This is a limited time offer for Beforepay customers only, valid until 31 October 2024.

2. Ask your H&R Block Tax Consultant about a Tax Refund Advance 

Your H&R Block consultant can verify your eligibility for a Tax Refund Advance during your appointment, once your return has been lodged.

If you express interest and are eligible, you’ll receive an SMS invitation to get your Tax Refund Advance started with Beforepay. 

3. Cash Out your Tax Refund Advance with Beforepay

Register or log in to your Beforepay account to verify your eligibility to Cash Out your Tax Refund Advance.

If you’re new to Beforepay you’ll need to complete our standard assessment and verification process to verify your eligibility. Don’t worry, it’s super easy, hassle-free and generally only takes a few minutes. No paperwork and long wait times here!

You can also use your Beforepay account to check your repayment status or repay on your own, as well as explore other features like budgeting and spending insights.

H&R Block tax experts can help you understand and speed up the tax return process, from navigating the complexities of the tax system to lodging your tax return and unlocking your Tax Refund Advance. Book an appointment with your nearest participating H&R Block office now. 

Book an appointment with H&R Block

In collaboration with H&R Block Australia

Driven by a shared commitment to help working Australians get the most out of their finances, Beforepay is proud to be partnering with H&R Block to offer the Tax Refund Advance. 

H&R Block is one of Australia’s leading tax preparation firms, preparing around 700,000 returns annually. With more than 400 offices across the country, and 2,500+ Tax Consultants, H&R Block can help make tax time easy and convenient for you.

Combining tax expertise with innovative financial technology, Tax Refund Advance with Beforepay and H&R Block provides a seamless way for you to get more out of tax time and access the money you need within minutes, instead of weeks!

Tips from the Tax Experts

Tax experts like H&R Block can give you the support you might need during the tax process, whether it’s questions about what you can claim or understanding complex tax terms.  

To help you prepare for tax time, we asked H&R Block for some tips about lodging your tax return. Check out their tips below!

1. Be organised

The more organised you are, the easier it is to lodge your taxes. The ATO will have some information that can be downloaded directly into your tax return, such as the Income Statements from your employer, taxable Centrelink payments and private health insurance details.

Additional information you'll need to gather includes:

  • Your Tax File Number (TFN) which can be found on your previous notice of assessment or your payment summary.
  • Your bank account details. The ATO no longer sends refund cheques so any refund will need to be deposited directly into your account.
  • Details of any additional income such as rental income or investments, business income and expenses and subcontract home.  
  • Bank account interest accumulated.
  • Details of any other tax offset information, like your partner's income details.
  • Details of any occupation specific deductions you wish to claim.

2. Claim the deductions you’re entitled to

It’s important to claim every deduction you’re entitled to.

If you plan to claim more than $300 in work-related expenses you're also going to need:

  • Copies of invoices or receipts, which can be paper or electronic
  • Credit card statements
  • Travel logbook
  • Home office logbook.

You can try H&R Block’s tax return checklist to check which information may be applicable for your tax return.

You can also check H&R Block’s Tax Deductions Checklist for 39 Australian Occupations, or speak to a H&R Block Tax Expert for help with identifying the right occupation specific claims that fit your circumstances.

3. Get support from a tax agent

It might be easy enough to self lodge your tax return online, but using a tax agent can offer a stress-free option.

In fact, about 74% of Australians use a tax agent!

There is a fee involved, which is tax-deductible, but having your tax return completed by an expert could help to ensure your return is completed quickly, accurately and in a way that maximises your return. 

By completing your tax return with participating H&R Block offices, you can also discuss your eligibility for a Tax Refund Advance!

If you prefer to self lodge, H&R Block also offers a DIY online tax return service that provides access to a registered tax agent to check your return for accuracy and reduce the risk of errors before submitting it to the ATO. Prices start from $0. You won’t be able to access a Tax Refund Advance with this option.

Don't wait weeks for your tax refund when you can access it within minutes! 

With Beforepay and H&R Block's Tax Refund Advance, you could be eligible to Cash Out up to 50% of your refund (max. $1000) for a fixed 5% fee to handle any urgent expenses. Repayments are hassle-free, deducted from your tax refund, and any remaining balance is sent directly to you. 

Book an appointment with H&R Block today to discuss your eligibility for a Tax Refund Advance and take advantage of their special offer of 15%^ off when you lodge your individual tax return with H&R Block, exclusive to Beforepay customers.

Book an appointment with H&R Block

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^15% discount on the cost of having their tax return prepared. Offer only available at participating offices. Not eligible with and other offer. Can Not be used in conjunction with the $99 Streamline Package Price Point. Can Not be used in conjunction with the $79 Student Pricing.  Offer valid from 01 July 2024 to 31 October 2024.